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London is one of the twelve towns across England and Holland taking part in the International Mayflower Compact partnership. Mayflower 400 celebrations will be taking place for twelve months from Thanksgiving in November 2019. London will be commemorating the Mayflower 400 year anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower ship to the New World, with a programme of exciting events and projects, for visitors and locals alike. Come to London and join in with the world's biggest family reunion for Mayflower 2020.

The London Borough of Southwark is on the South bank of the River Thames. As an internationally recognised cultural destination, renowned for its vibrant performing and visual arts, history and heritage, Southwark Council is working with businesses, cultural and community partners to produce a programme of events and activities building up to 2020.


This will include a specially written performance charting the history of the Mayflower journey, a talks programme, illumination spectacular and heritage trail taking in significant city landmarks. The programme will culminate in large scale performance on The River Thames to commemorate the 400 year anniversary and mark Southwark as the beginning of the Mayflower’s famous voyage in 1620.


London is the capital of the UK, renowned the world over for it's historic buildings, arts scene and cultural programmes. The settlers first boarded the Mayflower in London, follow in their footsteps and start your own Mayflower journey from the South banks of the River Thames in London. The fantastic transport networks and huge variety of other attractions makes London the ideal choice for your Mayflower base.


Mayflower Walking Trail and Tours

The London Mayflower Walking Trail will lead visitors through the area, and will paint a picture of C17th London. We will see where the settlers boarded the Mayflower, a market and school from 1620, a prison where separatists were jailed, and the burial grounds of Master Christopher Jones.  We will also see a recreation of Shakespeare's Globe theatre and a Tudor sailing ship, and the only galleried inn remaining in London.

Next Events

Guided Walk: Rotherhithe


Rotherhithe is the village where master Christopher Jones lived and is buried, and from where the Mayflower crew were recruited. It is commonly believed to be the starting point for Mayflower's journey across the Atlantic in 1620, and where she ended her days on her return.



Guided Walk: The City


The City of London is often overlooked in the story of the Mayflower but this is where the funding for the hire of the Mayflower was raised. A group of financially astute men would lay the foundations for what are the venture capitalists of today. London has always been at the forefront of finance



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