Mayflower Walking Trail

There is a self guided walking trail booklet which will be available from local outlets.  The self guided Mayflower heritage trail takes about two hours. This is the official Mayflower 400 trail approved by Southwark Council and designed by the local historic society together with our Blue Badge guide partners.

Our trail covers Rotherhithe, where the walk takes you past and into the Mayflower pub, the burial grounds of Master Christopher Jones, a church and school from the days of the Pilgrims and memorials built to commemorate those brave souls of the past.


We will try to discover the London of the Pilgrims.  What was life like for ordinary people in those days?  Why were they driven to leave their home country and set sail for a new world and new life?  We will see how the area has changed over the last 400 years, but still retains links to it's past.

Mayflower Guided Walking Tours

There are also Guided Walking Tours which are presented by our Blue Badge guide partners.  These cover both the Rotherhithe and Bankside areas of Southwark.  We will see where the people of 1620 went to school, enjoyed their leisure time, and a prison used to punish dissenting separatists.  These walks provide in depth insight, allow you to ask questions and include visits inside some of the buildings, they can even include lunch or evening meals at historic places along the route.

The Guided Walking Tours are available for private booking for small groups of up to 20 people.  While there is a well researched and recommneded route, all walks  can be modified to meet your own specific requiremets.

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