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Mayflower General History Articles

London has more links to the Mayflower than any other tourist destination in Britain.  The Mayflower sailed from London, master Christopher Jones and his crew lived and were recruited in London.  Pilgrims were imprisoned and executed for following their faith in London.  Above all and key to the whole story, it was the Merchant Adventurers in the City of London who supplied the finance and the organisation for the expedition. 

We hope to gather articles about Mayflower connections with London, written by Mayflower experts and enthusiasts and provide a platform to share their information.


400 Year Anniversary Special

Join TV historian Dan Snow for a recorded online documentary marking 400 years since the Mayflower set sail. 'The Mayflower: 400th...


St Mary's Church History

A church has existed on this site since at least 1282. In 1710 the parishioners collected subscriptions and local craftsmen turned their...


Mudlarking: Searching for Evidence of the Mayflower

Can you believe that the birth of the United States of America began on the River Thames in London? In 1606, English colonists departed...


Let’s celebrate the pilgrims, not demonise them

London is blowing its chance to mark the Mayflower's extraordinary journey. 'Thus out of small beginnings greater things have been...

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