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Mayflower 400 DVD

Over 9 chapters this specially created DVD will explore the historical back-story of the sailing of the Mayflower and Speedwell in 1620 and the reasons for the so called ‘Great Migration’ to the New World in the 17th Century.

Featuring contributions from over 30 academics, historians, authors and experts from Holland, the UK and the USA it also has footage from the key locations associated with the story including London, Leiden, Southampton, Cambridge, Oxford, Babworth, Scrooby, Austerfield, Sturton Le Steeple and Gainsborough.

You will also be able to share a unique guided tour of English Medieval churches and their furnishings that highlight the changes that occurred during and after the Reformation and also learn about the little known amazing Angel Roofs of East Anglia and Westminster Hall in London.

The DVD has been researched and created by Focusbiz, a communications agency. Working with the national Mayflower 400 group Focusbiz are the team behind the wonderful interactive map of Mayflower passengers which shows where each of the Pilgrims originally came from and where they lived.


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