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Contribitors - Time and Talents

We are helping to develope, provide and promote the calendar of events, attractions and activities as part of the Mayflower 400 programme in London.

Time and Talents is a local charity based in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey dedicated to creating a place where everyone feels part of a community. We bring people together for mutual support, fun and friendship through a range of services and activities that address social isolation, increase mental and physical wellbeing, and reduce divisions across the community.

We were set up in 1887 by ‘women of education and leisure’ who were concerned about the huge gap between rich and poor, and growing disadvantage in the local docks as a consequence of rapid industrialisation. They started, of course, in a time before the NHS and the welfare state. Members of the Settlement Movement, of which Time and Talents remains a key member, went on to be the architects of social work and the welfare state. 130 years later, as we see a social system increasingly under strain, we feel that our long experience and model of mutual support is more important than ever.

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