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Contribitors - Rotherhithe Illuminated!

We are helping to develope, provide and promote the calendar of events, attractions and activities as part of the Mayflower 400 programme in London.

This community-led project will illuminate specific elements of six historic buildings.  These buildings all fall within a small but historically very significant area of Rotherhithe, where Christopher Jones, the Master and part owner of the Mayflower lived, died and is buried.

When these buildings are illuminated, the spire of St Mary's church and the chimneys of Thames Tunnel Mills and Brunel’s Engine House will be visible from London Bridge, Tower Bridge, from the Thames Path, from across the river in Wapping, and to people travelling along the river on boats and ships at night.

There will be interactive features incorporated into the lighting scheme, such as simple QR codes which will explain the history behind each of the participating buildings.  It may also be possible to introduce colours, shapes, textures, words and historical context elements to the lighting, making it fun for children and adults alike to engage with the history of the buildings.

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