Guided Walking Tours

Approved by 'Mayflower 400 UK'

These are the official and complete Mayflower 400 tours where we will get inside many of the buildings and attractions. They are the only tours which have been approved by Southwark Council and the local history and tourist groups. We will try to discover the London of the Pilgrims. What was life like for ordinary people in those days? Why were they driven to leave their home country and set sail for a new world and new life? We will see how the area has changed over the last 400 years, but still retains links to it's past.

There are two walking tours available, a two hour tour of Rotherhithe from where the Mayflower set sail and Master Jones is buried, and a two hour tour of Bankside were the separatists enjoyed their pastimes but also served their prison terms. The walks can also be combined as a six hour tour of both areas which includes entry to various sites and lunch at a local and historic public house.

Rotherhithe Guided Walking Tour

The name Rotherhithe is thought to derive from the Anglo-Saxon 'Rethra' meaning a sailor and 'Hythe' meaning landing place. Rotherhithe has a long history with the sea and sailing, from the early trading days, home to many of the crew to the Mayflower ship, and to the docks bringing goods from around the world.

​Our walk takes us past and into the Mayflower pub, the burial grounds of Master Christopher Jones, a church and school from the days of the Pilgrims and memorials built to commemorate those brave souls of the past.

Bankside Guided Walking Tour

During the two Mayflower in Bankside walk we will see a prison where separatists were jailed, the Globe theatre of William Shakespeare and a recreation of a Tudor sailing ship. We will visit a Cathedral with links to the beginning of Harvard University, and a market which was around at the times of the Pilgrims. Bankside is overflowing with history.

We will end our two hours tour at the only galleried inn remaining in London for you to sample an ale and have lunch or an afternoon meal.

The City of London Guided Walking Tour

The importance of the Merchant Adventurers from the City of London is often overlooked. They supplied the finance and the organisation for the expedition, chose the Mayflower ship and its crew, and recruited the strangers. Without the finance from the City, the Mayflower could not have sailed to America, and we would have no Mayflower story to celebrate. Charles Edward Banks the world renowned Mayflower specialist claims that one of the sites in the City of London is more worthy of remembrance than the quays at Southampton and Plymouth.

Our walk will take us to the area in which the Pilgrims' chief negotiators, John Carver, Robert Cushman and William Bradford all lived and the main merchants hall in which negotiations for the Mayflower expedition probably took place. We will see the church where the parents of Edward Winslow, who was leader of the Mayflower expedition and elected Governor of Plymouth Massachusetts were married. This is also the church in which the parents of the first child born in America to English parents were married. We will see the gatehouse of a prison in which Brownist separatists were held, and the oldest church of any foreign denomination in England. Pageantry and ceremony from the seventeenth century remain alive today. The City of London has been a centre of finance for over 2,000 years, since Roman times, and an area which should be high on your list of places to see during your Mayflower visit.

Read more about the role of the City of London in the Mayflower story.

Heritage and Arts have been asked by Southwark Council to provide the Rotherhithe and Bankside walking tours as part of the the national Mayflower 400 UK celebrations.

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