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Contribitors - Heritage and Arts

We are helping to develope, provide and promote the calendar of events, attractions and activities as part of the Mayflower 400 programme in London.

Heritage and Arts have been asked by Southwark Council to provide the official Rotherhithe and Bankside guided walking tours as part of the these celebrations. This is the official and complete Mayflower 400 tour where we will and get inside many of the buildings and attractions.  This is the only tour which has been approved by the local history and tourist groups.


We will try to discover the London of the Pilgrims.  What was life like for ordinary people in those days?  Why were they driven to leave their home country and set sail for a new world and new life?  We will see how the area has changed over the last 400 years, but still retains links to it's past

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